Marketing 101 and Pokémon Go

The past two weeks have been buzzing with the news about the new mobile app from Nintendo “Pokémon Go”, so I guess one more article about it won’t hurt.

I want to stay true to my roots and see how such a brand managed to reinvent itself and get a market boost in less than 8 days from the time the app was launched. They are even reporting 12 million daily players … (more…)

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Power of the mind

Change the Frame Change the Game

If you are reading this headline and wondering what game; I mean “LIFE” naturally as there is no other. I have recently been in a training course that apparently only 5% of the population thus far care to go into. The world of Neuro-Semantics and Self Leadership was the topic of the training. If you are familiar with the subject, then you are one of those few who know that what we think of life and how we live is entirely up to us and for a fact, what you sow you shall reap.


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