B2B, B2C, and Intra-Business

Intra-business which could be similar or a subset of B2E business-to-employee is defined as business services offered to individuals and entities within the company. The transaction of goods or services are usually held within the internal network (Intranet) boundaries of the organization, unlike B2B and B2C, which are globally exchanged on the Internet or Extranet (Fruhling, Digman, 2000) . The value adding facilities might include improved communication and enhanced information flow through channels that allow various entities within an organization to obtain data relevant to their work. Unlike its predecessors, Intra-business is limited to the size of the company and might not be in effect with small to medium sized organization. Also, a lot of technical elements that are present in traditional e-commerce are not present here, mainly electronic carts, payment processing engines, and transactional applications.

On the other hand, security, authentication, and authorization play a very important role in making sure information and data is properly navigated to the authorized individual within the company. The transactions on this type of ecommerce is generally transferring digital reports, statistics, or even simply emails that improve the companies overall operations. Services offered through this intra-business commerce can also include digital training for executive and key staff. In addition, to access to a dynamic library of data about the market, graphical resources, and top-level stock market reports.

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