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B2B Social: 3 Pain Points ! Care to Add !

Those following my posts & blog might have noticed that I am more focused on the #B2B vs the #B2C sector. Although a real advocate for #digital all across; I can never iterate enough how social is relatively a walk in the park for my B2C fellow marketers and a true painful endeavor (sorry to say) for us B2B’s.

As such, I am listing my top 3 pain points, but do feel free to add more, as I am sure each one of us has faced various challenges in this sector.

1. Quality #Content is King

I can argue that there is no shortage in content that engages the average consumer and lose the argument. But for some products there is a wider net of topics to choose from, which translates to higher availability of expert copywriters who can help produce such content. On the other hand, when it comes to B2B, topics are generally hard to come by and might even be too technical for the marketing team requiring more expert advise and multiple revisions to produce.

2. Frequency

With frequency I naturally mean how many times a day/week B2B’s need to push content across. The dilemma is always about getting the right content, as per the previous point, to be pushed to the right audience at the right time. This article, here, provides an analytical way to identify the best time to push tweets, for example, taking into considerations the possibility of retweets, mentions, and likes. However, such an exercise must be substantiated with a good set of content that can be:

  • Produced at the right time.
  • Relevant to the social channel.

Furthermore, frequency is strongly tied to the objective of the social engagement. As such, if the desired outcome is brand awareness, then higher frequency is in order. However, for more strategic thought leadership type of posts, less might suffice as the ripple effect of the content might produce enough social buzz within the day or week to overcome the scarcity of posts.

3. Employee Engagement

#LinkedIn has been running all sort of campaigns & pushing some business services to get companies to engage their employees and monitor responses. My personal take on this topic would be to address the human factor to being social, virtually speaking here. Yes, statistics say about 70% of employee generated content is trusted vs 15% of the brand’s. However, this can only work if the employee is credible enough; aka, a knowledgeable engineer or doctor… etc. So, the pain point here is, how to get those high-caliber employees to engage in social on behalf of the company, if I may add, and balance that with their own usage of such channels, if any, and the need to naturally have them focused in building the business?

I am not going to give answers here, since I am listing pain points, so please share yours and if you have a fix to any of mine, please do let me know !!

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