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Does the world need another social button ? +1
Date 23 Jun 2011 11:22 PM  Author Sally  Hits 1163  Language
I must hand it out to those in Google for coming up with the +1 and trying to push it as much as they can.... I must admit it is definitely a second strike since the buzz did not seem to get enough kick as the likes and the tweets.....

How often do you click Like & Tweet?

A better question would be why do we click on the likes and the tweet button and how often do we do so? Personally I tweet more than I like. I tweet because it means I am socially active (to some extent at least) and to show that I have interest in some topics thus I tweet about. Although I know I have an average number of followers, I am sure very few would actually check on articles tweeted . For the likes, there is usually an incentive which is directly related to the apps currently on Facebook. Liking a page would most likely be the only way you can actively interact with the advanced functionality within that page or Facebook App. 

Remember the page hit counter !!

For those of us who used to read the hit counter placed at the bottom of web pages, the Likes and Tweets are bringing a new paradigm to the measure for popularity and activity. But the question is what the new Google +1 button is meant to bring.
I have read about the fact that there might be at least a billion people with gmail accounts, which is only a natural outcome of one of the most successful viral campaigns ever launched to promote a product or service. I am one of many people who have started using gmail because I have received a referral from a friend and I forwarded the request through to my friends and family. So it is only natural that Google would want to compete with the Like and Tweets asking those billion gmail users to login and click the +1 on what ever they think is interesting.

Targeted and Behavioral Marketing !!

My personal focus in regards to the Google +1 is the drive behind it. For a company that owns 65% of the search engine market according to May 2011 stats from ComScore, the +1 must be a way to measure effectively what the target audience is reading and recommending. Most of us are familiar with the Google ads and how they expand into the Google display network of websites that offer ad placement from Google. If you have ever used the Google ads manager, you would have noticed the audience targeting column and the settings that enables you to define targets based on demographics.
On top of that, Google still dominates the SEO charts with companies trying to climp up the ladder of the Google page ranking. So if I am a web site owner, or a marketer and seeking to target audience with display ads; my ROI would be really high if I know that my ads are shown to the right people. And this where the +1 comes in handy, data we give to Google is owned by them and without breaking any privacy laws trying to target Twitter users or Facebook users, Google can use its own claimed insightful data about the habits of the unsuspecting clickers on its own +1 button.....

Too cynical.. !! maybe.. what do you think? did you click +1 on the side of this article ? :)


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