Change the Frame Change the Game

If you are reading this headline and wondering what game; I mean “LIFE” naturally as there is no other. I have recently been in a training course that apparently only 5% of the population thus far care to go into. The world of Neuro-Semantics and Self Leadership was the topic of the training. If you are familiar with the subject, then you are one of those few who know that what we think of life and how we live is entirely up to us and for a fact, what you sow you shall reap.

What is Neuro-Semantics?

Neuro-Semantics, as defined by Colin Cox and Lena Gary – two master coach trainers in the field of Neuro-Semantics – is about personal development for meaningfulness in living. It allows us to tap into those deep parts of our brains that help us perform better. The practice and the science has its roots in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and basic psychology that we cannot deny the powerful message and practical methodologies it brings to our lives.
Neurosemantics or Neuro-Semantics, is also defined as a model that describes how we humans get meaning (semantics) incorporated into our body (neurology) so that we feel meanings and do so in terms of our emotions and states.

Human Meta-states

We started the training with a request that asked us to open our minds, empty our glasses, and be ready to question things and believes we had since childhood. With a phrase like that, you can only imagine the state of mind you need to be in to continue these three days of training. I for one is a practical individual who rarely see value in mind exercises that aim to change a certain behaviour. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how applicable some of the patterns presented by Colin and Lena and how within a day I could see how my mind shifted to recognize the state I am in using a 4 power zone model.
According to Dr. Michael Hall – a professor in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and lead contributor in this field – the human power zones are: Thinking, Emoting, Speaking, and Behaving. If we practice, to a meta or high-state, accessing our thoughts, feelings, languages, and responses, owning them, and then amplifying our sense of ownership of these zones, we reach the foundation for personal empowerment and then the more complex states of responsibility, proactivity, initiative, and risk-taking (Matrix Coaching – Neuro-Semantics Publications).

Frames of the Game

One thing that really registered with me as I went through this training was the concept of frames. As explained by our coaches, we build frames or ideas around the various stimulus that cross our paths in life and those frames are very personal in nature as they derive their context from our experiences, emotions, and thoughts. So the objective is to change the frame to have a different point of view on things that amplify our negative states in favour of frames that enable us to reach a meta state of pleasure, happiness, and self control.

I cannot begin to summarize everything I have learned here; however, I do see the great potential there is in pursuing such methodologies and from my days of reading and applying “ The Power” of positivity and my latest interest in “Emotional Intelligence”; I think I am on the right path to change my game.

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