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Looking through the code of the application, “index.php” provides the main logic that processes the different parts of MiniBB, facilitating calling of functions and execution accordingly. Although the code is clear, it lack inline, block, and line comments to explain the various sections of the file. Functions are not documented within the code to allow them to stand out for further development. The entire logic is based on complex nested IF statements that affects comprehension if a developer is to look through the code to make changes. Having said that, the code is still easy to follow-through and the basic file hierarchy would make changes possible in timely manner. In terms of database connectivity, MiniBB is using basic built-in mysql queries to handle saving and updating information on the database. Several functions are created in “setup_mysql.php” to handle running queries by passing parameters to the functions. The modularity of rewriting the standard procedures is present in the use of functions to handle returned rows from the database, running commands, and processing complex queries.

The use of Mysql queries makes the application compatible only with MySQL database, a limitation that has been resolved by many applications adapting the more advanced PEAR::DB and ADODB database objects that are transparent to the database type. Furthermore, this places MiniBB at a disadvantage in comparison to phpBB that is supporting multiple databases and thus providing more compatibility with various platforms.

Another element that is worth noticing is how there is a single template for every aspect of the screen that comprises the application. The posted comments, search screen, login forms, and even the status bar can be formatted using the provided HTML files. Smarty mechanism of including parameters is used to preserve the location of coded items.

Furthermore, the html file can incorporate any client side Java Script that is required to display components that are part of the board ( ). Open source applications technical support system is based on forums, and hence this is a discussion board application, the web site committee prides to provide instant support for all technical issues. MiniBB does not require registration for posting messages, a feature that can be disabled by the site administrator, which allows for more visitors to ask questions and post comments about the application. The user tracking mechanism is based on cookies in addition to reading logged in username and password information from the database (bb_func_login.php).

2 thoughts on “Forums in PHP MiniBB

  1. smithsan
    miniBB mini bulletin board is a free web forum software script written in PHP for creating an online virtual community, with the concept of using a few very simple elements to the maximum effect, which also affects its high performance and suitable interface.

  2. I would like to think that miniBB was developed to make it easier for startup webmaster to effectively and simply build an online virtual community… I would assume that the functionality of very advanced forums can not be reached with miniBB which would make big sites prefer a more thorough solution

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