Creative Marketing

Installing Cancer Camel smoking Decide not to No evolution Smokers life span Not just you Smoking gun Smoking kills Smoking impact Smoking chicken No win You lungs Smoke to death Die smoking Kill smoke Old habits die Kill the smoke Way to death Die smoking Killed by smoke kill the body Do not smoke Install Cancer Death trap Fight smoking Passive smokers Win your life Live up Die smoking Time bomb
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WOW Factor Art

Wow Paint

Great artists with a strike of genius 

Wow Floor Paint

Street art is like no other, just plain raw talent

WOW Bus art

I am not sure if this is real, but say it loud ! Paint it on a bus !

Wow Bridges

Architecture at its best, say it with a bridge

WOW Objects

There are many artistic individuals out there..

Wow Hands

Very creative advertisement done using human hands... forget tattoos !!

Fun Collection

Cool Cakes

Some of these are real cakes by very creative chefs 

Food Art

Fun stuff done with food 


Very creative T-shirts with an attitude.



Jokes and creative funny characters


Note: I do not own most of these images. If you see something that is copyrighted to you or your organization please drop me a line; I will either remove or give credit.