How to survive time

How to Servive the test of Time?

Are you Loyal? Do you have friends like since you were three years old? Well, it does not have to be that far.. but at least it has been 10 years and you are still friends?

I have such people that I call friends, and as time passes by they get promoted to best friends as they seek to strengthen the ties we had then and still have today…..

I always think about the two way street of friendship and how when two people meet after a long time they need not worry about why they haven’t spoken for such a long time and focus on seizing this moment and enjoying what ever time they can allocate …..

I think also about how we keep pulling each other back into relationships that otherwise would have been lost without the perseverance of at least one of the parties involved…. Many might tell you it is easy to let go of someone who hurt you , but it is much harder when you simply lose track and wake up someday and wonder do I really have a best friend who withstood the test of time? It is not about how many , it is about finding that friend who you can call on after nearly a year and just say I am coming over or lets get out somewhere and drink a cop of coffee … I have been doing this for the past year… calling on old friends and just talk about what happened, how life took us , what we have been up to .. I was very much pleased by the responses I got and how people still feel the need to connect to those they once knew instead of simply seeking new relationships….

So what is the secret? it is time and will? it takes two of you to make it happen and it takes only one to break everything apart…. I have been blessed with two special friends that I knew since school and now I am 30 and still have them in my life… I am at a point where I might be leaving and breaking old ties , I would like to think that those whom I came to know would want me around in their lives even if I am 1000 of miles away….. a lot of my friends will be on this test and I will write back maybe in a year or so to see if they have survived the test of time !!!!

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