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iPad – Not for Business

A friend of mine got an iPad as a gift and I decided to give it a try since I won’t be buying one. For those of you who love Apple this might not be something you would enjoy reading so you may stop here….

IPad is a big iPhone that does not ring or make calls so this covers the basics . However, what it does have is a big on-screen keyboard that you feel you can use as a normal keyboard only to discover that you are tapping with your fingers just like what you do with the iPhone, but again do not forget it does not ring or make calls so you are tapping to type emails or sms’s ….sorry no SMS since it’s not a phone … So it is just emails and notes …both features are in the iPhone as you all know.

What is it all about ..

So it’s about emails, which naturally requires that you are connected to the Internet while you are using the iPad. You have two ways, either you use a wireless network from some where ur home ur office a cafe …or if ur lucky someone’s network that was left open (pretty unlikely since everyone got this covered by now). The other option is to get a sim card and plug it in and use it for the net. Naturally the sim won’t get you any calls since the iPad again does not ring or make calls. So you end up paying for ur phone service in addition to that for the iPad. In addition, if u do have a contract with any mobile service provider your iPhone sim would already have a web service and you need another sim for the iPad. Someone would think why can’t I use the iPhone as a router and the answer is simply you shouldn’t . Why would a commercial product help you kill the Market for the next iPad x iPhone product coming at a store near you in the next few months.

Not anti-Apple but come on…

I hate to be the one that stand out as an anti Apple activist , but , one can not help but see the monopoly and the mind games being played on the average consumer who is trying to become of age and have the latest gadgets. I can not hold Apple accountable for releasing useless products , I can only say consumers need to wise up and stand for what they need and not be simple followers … The market is full and just open your eyes and select what you need not what some tech. Company think you should have….!!

More to come….

I will do another review on more mishaps I come across in my short and painful encounter with the iPad…..look for:
How did iPad managed to mess up a simple email forward list.?

Oh one more.. guess where I tried to write this blog piece and failed miserably :p

– Sent from my iPad

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