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iPad – Not for emails

As promised this is my second encounter (read “iPad – Not for Business) with the thing called the iPad, my first review, for those of you who did not read it, covered the commercial representation of the iPad in comparison to the iPhone and the issue of usability in reference to what the device actually does vs what it adds in terms of value.

 I have recently been reading a lot of reviews about several new notebooks coming to the Market with high mobility in mind like the LG 10 inch Tablet PC and several Toshiba models that ran for nearly 10 hours on battery. One of the major selling points for the iPad is how long the battery lives and the amount of processing that can be done mean while. However, now one can deny the limitations and say that an iPad is a laptop. The battery life element does it for me , why do I need the iPad if I can get more for less and I am not just talking money.

However, as not to lose focus, this topic is about mail, so, back to emails!

How can an iPad mess up a simple email ?

My experience with email was a trial to open my gmail account using the Safari browser and to try to find a message that I wanted to forward to a list of friends. Being all familiar with how emails are generally written in a list using the name < email> syntax and a comma or semi-colon for the  list separator, I typed my list in the email ‘To’ field.
After finishing my message, I send the email to get an error in the ‘To’ list and instantly get forwarded to a new window that resets my ‘To’ list and the email message. So I go about repeating my steps with a simple adjustment to the email list removing the name and using emails only. The second run managed to join emails in a strange way and send the message to a strange and very long and wrong email addresses. Now this is my third run, I type the list again and this time it sends my email to the first email in the list and ignore all others …. How logical is that …? I am not being nasty or mean, this is honestly how I could not send an email three times in an iPad with Safari and from within Gmail. So, how did I manage to send the email?

My small smart phone Palm Pre, I opened the email using the built in email manager , found the email, chose to forward, typed my list and got auto corrected as I typed the list to get the format right and “voilà”; the email was sent.

For an Apple lover this might seem as a one incident that is purely related to the user, I won’t argue that it might just be so, however, for a business person using this thing on the fly this might be damaging to their careers. The simplicity and the level of speedy operational functionaltiy could mean money lost or gained… So, although my email was targeting a list of friends and no urgency on the delivery; imagine if this was a business transaction, we have just lost it, and even worst, the wrong people got the wrong message.

I can think of many cases where one might need the iPad … But, just be clear and confident that it is not a replacement for anything … It is a luxury device that Is all .. Not a book Not a phone ….Not a laptop …. And just not for businesses….
Have your say??  What if ever did an iPad mess up for you ?!  :p

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