Marketing Plan Broadband Internet Service UK

The information in this document should support in understanding the scope of broadband Internet service in the UK market to produce maximum sales and profits. The action plan reflects, based on the research, the most effective means of marketing broadband subscription in the UK. Advertising material, suggested promotions, packaging, and additional resources necessary to implement the proposed plan are also presented.


The overall look at the Internet broadband service market in the UK shows staggering rise in the number of subscribers and area coverage that is expected to reach 90% percent of all Internet users by 2011. The infrastructure which is originally owned by British Telecom, NTL the cable company, and Telewest gave room to multiple players reaching an astounding number of 400,000 Internet service providers including wireless and TV satellite cable companies. BT leads the market with 27% percent, second by Virgin Media with 24% percent, while Carphone/TalkTalk/AOL provides 39.85% percent of the service through LLU unbundling cables. These allow companies to place equipment over BT setup to enable SDSL, ADSL, and video streaming services to businesses. Regional coverage is expanding to reach 78% percent in London, 56% percent in Northern Ireland, and while South East Waverly and Surrey are reporting 100% percent coverage rural areas are yet to make full benefits from faster Internet services.

The marketing plan for the new broadband service will target rural areas in Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland. Rural covers 10% percent of the population, translation to over 6 million people with a potential to buy broadband services with an average fee ranging from £8 to £30 per month. The packages offered will include free phone calls, modems, email, and a family album web page. Payment options will allow per month payment after the first 6 month, refund will be offered under certain conditions, and speed upgrades are available as a bonus. Advertisement and promotion will build on the benefits for the family through more cost effective and direct approaches such as word-of-mouth, joint promotion TV commercials, and posted ads on local stores and libraries. Long term plans include a program through the public schools, or a campaign to support usage by elderly people.

The capital for the company is set to $1 million US dollars with budget estimates for online advertisement, above-the-line out-doors and in-store posted ads, TV advertisement, in addition to a small office within the city center of the target regions. Two sales executives will be hired preferably with good experience in selling similar services to rural areas. The objective of the plan is to start small and grow as areas get coverage; targeting 3000 subscriptions for the first year and 10,000 in 4 years.

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