Osteoporosis a lifestyle issue

This research was part of the work I’ve done for the graduate research class at the University college of Denver. It is a research proposal for a topic that covers Osteoporosis and its relation to the life style of women in the Middle East.

Many women in the Middle East lead a life style that increases the possibility of getting osteoporosis in an older age. This paper discusses the disease and how its risk factors are identified and linked to cultural and daily habits. Furthermore, statistics and case studies that highlight the overall behaviour among women in the region towards age related diseases are underlined. In addition, a brief look at the community and the role economical and social standards play in the life of an average Middle Eastern woman is presented.

The paper also talks about the reluctance towards proper diet and daily exercise and how this translates to the increased number of women diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Finally several recommendations are made to highlight the need to cover the shortage in medical support for geriatric medicine and methods of treatment.

In conclusion, the paper establishes grounds for future research that will analyse the cultural impact and traditional values and how they relate to the disease. It builds a foundation for global and local organizations to work on educational programs that support individuals in general and women in particular change their habits to decrease the likelihood of getting osteoporosis.

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