Software Development Project Plan

Many of you have working as project managers have written so many plans. No matter how many I create, I always do a small research to make sure I am on the right path and the template I am using will do the job for this type of project.

Well, if you are reading this, well, here you go, one more free software development project plan document to use for your software project.

1. Executive Summary

“Westerian” is a retail company that sells eye glasses, sun glasses and contact lenses. In addition they have other eye accessories. Their current website is a semi-portal with many interactive engaging elements for visitors. However, the update process of the content is done through a content management system that requires the knowledge of HTML, the language used to create websites, and the company wishes to stop out-sourcing the periodic update and assign an editor to handle all content updates. The monthly activities include on-store special offers, seasonal discounts and special contests created to boost sales.

The new web portal content management system will provide a more user friendly interface for all update tasks. In addition, it will provide the company IT department more leverage in adjusting the website template and removing or adding additional components.

2.  Objectives

“Westerian” web portal is based on an open source Linux platform, which will reduce the hosting cost of the current Windows based hosting. The management and update will reduce the cost of outsourcing the website maintenance through in-house management. The portal provides different levels of user which simplifies the editing by assigning periodic changes to the company’s public relations coordinator and restricting advanced editing to an IT administrator.

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