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Surface too hot to handle

I must say, I am a proud owner of an MS Surface Pro 3 for the past 3 months. You might think why did I wait this long to get one and naturally I would say, I was awaiting the product to reach the maturity that can only be reached when the product is launched for sometime.

We are familiar, by now, with most software/hardware houses product cycle. Mainly the fact that products are released pre-maturely to enable the market to test and provide their feedback. With that, I have done my homework, I followed Surface on Twitter, blogged about it many times (read my “Wait for the Surface” piece, and “What I love about the Surface“). I have checked the site more frequently and looked for any major announcements. When I entered the store to buy, I knew exactly what I wanted and what I don’t, to a salesman, I was the dream customer who just asked for the item and instantly bought it.

The Good

Everything you read about and see is true, the device is as slick as it can be. The hardware is nicely finished up, the keyboard is a work of art. I am yet to experience such smooth typing felling on any other laptop/table on the market. So for us bloggers out there sitting on a side table at the cafe on the corner and pouring our thoughts on a laptop; the keyboard will just do that, allow you to dump every single thought in few seconds onto your favourite word editor.

The device is complemented by Windows 8 and I have also recently got upgraded to 10 as part of the free offer Microsoft made available to users who registered to get it. Windows 8/10 have excellent tablet vs laptop mode which is what the Surface is all above. For those who are used to laptops, the keyboard click-in nicely at the right angel to provide that natural typing experience. The “Tablet Mode” focused on the “Metro” interface as the signature element that is at the core of Windows 8. On the other hand, once you turn it off, you are back to the good old windows desktop with the apps turning into windows that can be aligned, moved, minimized, or closed. What is new in Windows 10 is that the start menu is now incorporating the “Metro” interface, with the live widgets actively working as you traverse through the start menu. Personally, I don’t know why users can not let go of the start menu. Yes, it has been there since the beginning of time and represent how we all learned how to use the laptops, but yet again, everything evolved. Any way, so Microsoft found a way to preserve history and at the same time add some innovation.

The Bad

I hate to admit that there is something wrong with the device, but I have to stay honest to this review. The bad has to be the price. The value for money can only be justified by the high-quality and high-end finishing of the product in general. But yet again, if you are not a Microsoft fan, and many are not, you will consider if it is really worth it to pay 4 times the cost of an average laptop. I am not going to compare this to any tablet in the market, cause they will fail by comparison. The true rival for the Surface has to be the laptops as it is how it is positioned. There are many models out there that are as powerful, however, I am yet to see a keyboard that beats this one. But the price will for sure be limiting factors for many.

Here comes the Ugly

Power and thin comes with a heavy price when it comes to our Surface Pro 3 with its Intel® Corei7 processor. The top right hand-side if you have the devices docked as a laptop, gets really hot. If you are mainly using the device as a tablet, this would be very uncomfortable since you will not even be able to hold it for long. As a laptop one might not worry as much, since the keyboard does not have that issue. However, in general multi-tasking and gaming might prove a bit challenging if the heat problem can not be managed in future models.


It is worth it. If you are an early adaptor of cutting edge technology, you should have this. However, if you are yet to buy, do your homework and maybe the Ugly Truth about the Surface being too hot to handle is resolved in the next generation.

Do you have one, please share your truth?

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