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The power of positivity – a divine point of view

Like so many, I am one who have read the book “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne couple of years ago. I was highly influenced by the strong yet simple message the book conveyed by asking us to be grateful and thankful and expect to get more of life just by doing that.

Again as many must have, the Secret impact on my life, at that time, lasted about few weeks and I returned back to my old self with my original thoughts that, as per the book, would not help get me the life I am looking for.

As the years passed by, I had another moment when a major plan in my life just fell to pieces. I went through what everyone would, naturally, go through and I was left with the empty feeling of nothing else matters. Why we even need to plan if things just don’t work out. Why not just live aimlessly until we die? After few weeks of such negative thoughts, I decided to try to cheer my self up by reading a book about positivity. This is when I stumbled across “The Power” by the same author Rhonda Byrne. And, my God, I was in for a big surprise and just like that this one actually did the trick?

The Power vs The Secret

This is not a book review, so don’t worry, I won’t even try to attempt to do that. The thing with the two books is that looking back, I don’t remember I was looking for a book about positivity when I found the Secret. The book was listed under self improvement similar to the two from Eckhart Tolle: “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now”. Both “Rhonda Byrne” books do try to give us a new prospective on life by changing how we think.

However, what I found the “Power” mastered and the “Secret” failed to do is give us a methodology and measurements that can help us maintain the path. Having read the book I was instantly amazed by how applicable and true some of the issues we face everyday. It talks about physically walking away from thoughts and people that, as per the book, are energy drainers. Things and people who are so negative that after few minutes one would actually feel so tried having all their energy drained from receiving all that negative vibe.

It highlights how we can not expect to get a smile from someone if we didn’t smile first. We all know this by heart, smile is contagious, yet we wonder why people don’t smile at us. It has to start with us. The Power, emphasises the Secret by saying it is all about the law of attraction and “As you sow so shall you reap” message. But the Power takes it even further by tackling every single emotion, feeling, and thought and labeling each as positive or negative, and that what did the trick for me. We go through emotions everyday we think of them as natural reactions to the instances we face in life, however, natural as they are, there is nothing stopping us from controlling which and choosing to what level should we exert each.

Your life NOW

One vital part of the book “the Power” and, believe me, there are many; one just need to pick what works for oneself; is that it says that we need to feel happy and positive about our current status quote to get more in the future. I think this is the hardest part that, basically, results in people not moving beyond the current point in their lives. We have all heard it before: “When I travel I will be happier”, “When I get this job everything will work out”. We are putting ourselves out there for a big disappointment by simply saying we are not OK NOW. We are not happy NOW. So, how can we be anything else but that? Going back to the law of attraction, how will we get a smile back if we don’t smile first and smile NOW.

What is Divine about the Power?

Having read both books, as I have mentioned, it was strange to me how come one affected me this much while the other didn’t. This actually led me to search for other titles and similar books that address this very same message. It was not a scientific search but just a quick one to see what other books have to offer. I even revised some of the topics that Stephen Covey listed in his series of books about the “7 Habits of highly effective people” and most of these books came down to the same conclusion about the focus on self control. What is divine about the Power is that one book said that exact same thing more than a thousand and fourteen years ago and we simply missed it, “The Quran”. If you are reading this and think I am trying to promote Islam, just bare with me. I didn’t read the Bible or the Torah, but I do actually believe this message is in those books as well. So bare with me for a second.Â

I am a Muslim by birth and, naturally, read the Quran as many Muslims do. I have been reading the Quran since I learned how to read actually, and been taught the meanings of the words in the book. For years, I didn’t make much of what us in the Muslim world have been taught many times, is that Islam is a way of life. I would generalise that and say “Faith” and “Belief” is a way of life.

What is divine about the Power is that it asks us to have “Faith”. It asks us to visualise the life we want to live and go for it knowing that if we maintain the path of positivity to at least 51% per day we will get that life. What the Holy books say is that we need to change ourselves, we need to be good and know that what God gives us is always good and only our lack of faith, lack of certainty, and above all lack of happy thoughts and acts is what brings us harm.

In the Power we are asked to send positive signals when we are about to do something or when we wish for changes in our life like getting a new job or buying a new house. The Quran and the Holy books tell us to ask and we get the affirmative response that God will listen but only for those who have the faith. In the Power we are told to continue to be positive and the Holy books say we should not give up on God and only those who have no faith give up.

For those few who have no religion, the Power uses the term “Universe” to refer to that power that drives the life we live in. What ever it is for you, it being religion or the universal power, what is needed here is that leap of faith and the Power is yours.

My life now is on the path I wanted and all I am doing is keeping the faith and focusing on the telescopic view of life instead of getting swamped with the microscopic details that most of us get tangled in and we forget the big picture. I guess all those authors got it right, but it just proves that one can only change oneself and no matter how many people tell you to do something, you have to love yourself enough to get The Power.

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